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Oxford’s Word of the Year 2014 is Vape

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By: press
On: 11-22-2014
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Oxford's 2014 Word of the Year is Vape

As part of their yearly PR stint in Time magazine, Oxford always denotes a “word of the year” from the list they’ve accepted as official words…

This year, Vape was accepted as a real english word, automatically making the short list.

What made the difference was the fact that the use of “vape”, on the increase last year, literally doubled in the 2013-2014 period (Oxford does count these things).

On top of the media use and its reflection of the mushrooming e-cigarette market, as well as to the landmark year marijuana was allowed for recreational use, Oxford also points out the word “has ties to our preoccupations with freedom and health and legislation.”

What they don’t mention is the all-out war against ENDS and personal vaporizers being a large part of the reason the word’s use has increased in the popular “discourse”.

The relentless assault by either paid agents of the state’s tax revenue interests, corporate pharmaceutical stakeholders or a lazy subjugated press combined with an unquestioning, thoughtless audience (or all above combined) has not only brought the whole non-issue to the forefront, assigning official status to a verb which has now become the word of the year, it has also created the bulwark against which its efforts will crash, fall asunder beneath the weight of its own over-exposure and illumination by facts to the contrary.

Vape For Free and Get Paid Converts a Smoker

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By: press
On: 11-03-2014
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Participate in Research and Vape FreeA classified ad recently was recruiting regular smokers who were curious about electronic cigarettes, as well as having no intention to quit smoking in the next 3 months.

The ad, placed by Toronto, Ontario’s Center for Addiction and Mental Health (CAMH), was inviting people who use tobacco to participate in a study wherein not only were subjects provided with free electronic cigarettes they were also paid to vape!

Now if you ask me the remuneration may potentially skew research results due to the incentive… but it just might be the right approach to get smoke-inhalers to start on vaping instead…

Now this particular ad is regional so only Toronto people should run-not-walk to participate in this study’s findings (and we know what they will be in the end don’t we?), but its get’s one thinking…

Forget e-cigarette deals and promotions to get that smoker friend or family member to try… incentivize them with cash and free e-cigarettes.

There’s probably studies like this anywhere a university sits, online and print classifieds asking for study subjects. Don’t wait for a holiday or birthday to gift them with e-cigarettes, let a researcher do it for you sooner than later.

According to recent studies, they’ll have a 60% chance of quitting cancer-sticks and switching to vapor.

And for Christmas? Get’em a pair a socks like you do every year…

Halloween Scares Up Good Electronic Cigarette Deals

Posted in: Apollo, Electronic Cigarette Deals

By: press
On: 10-31-2014
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Apollo E-Cigs Halloween DiscountHalloween may not be an actual “holiday”, but it should be, or at least many people think so. And so do Apollo Electronic Cigarettes.

Apollo never misses a beat when it comes to occasions to create vaping deals; whenever there doesn’t seem to be anyone offering anything at a certain occasion, there’s always Apollo.

But, as the recently-redesigned company site and logo are emblematic of, they’re adding stuff all the time and they need to promote.

As they boast, all their e-liquids are made and measured by their own “mixologists”, constantly putting up new flavors, as well as new tank-style designs, classic cig-like vaporizers as well as new disposables (which they’re giving away as trials if you pay shipping)…

So Apollo is offering a tasty treat for Halloween in the form of a 25% discount on everything, as long as you use the code SPOOKY at check-out, from now to Friday, November 7.

No tricks involved.

Electronic Cigarettes For The Sex Toy Industry

Posted in: Electronic Cigarette Business

By: press
On: 10-27-2014
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Wee-Cig Markets Vaporizers To Sex Toy Industry?Wee-Cig specializes in vaporizers – only that.

Or they did, until they announced the Wee-E, intended for the adult sex-toy market.

Wee-Cig jumped quick on the legal-marijuana bandwagon, now that pot is becoming legal in increasingly more markets: their other Wee-products are herbal vaporizers – pack-it-yourself disposable or re-usable devices to heat up “preferred dried herbs” without combustion.

As such, they’re available in head-shops and “counter-culture conventions” across the land.

But the device they want to introduce to the porn-centric sex toy biz, the Wee-E, is a disposable, pre-packed, ready-to go “e-cigarette”, unlike their others, which they named vaporizers.

Their “Wee Can Go All Night” campaign – which was launched at last weekend’s Everything To Do With Sex show in Toronto – says the Wee E contains Green Tea extract, Ginseng, Acai Berry, and Vitamin C, to provide users an energy boost that lets them… you know.

And they don’t say whether it’s packed with herbs or e-liquid, though you’d assume the latter because they use the term “electronic cigarette”.

Hoping to cut into the sex-pills and supplements in various forms, including energy drinks, market segment, it makes you wonder: are these things, inhaled, any better than vitaminized e-juice vapor?

V2 Offers US Military Personnel Very Special Deals

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By: press
On: 10-24-2014
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V2Cigs Offers Special Military DiscountsIn light of the the Navy having converted sections on its ships to “vaping decks” earlier this year, V2 Electronic Cigarettes has dived in head first to the just-opened market.

The company is offering unique discounts and other specials to any member of the US military, active and veteran, as well as first responders. Among these are 15% discounts on everything, as well as free three-day delivery.

While V2Cigs offers a regular affiliate program for marketers, it also has a “Vape 4 Free” rewards programs for customers and members of their site.

Military personnel need to prove that they are by joining the program, and, thanks to a special partnership with an identity verification system called,  then be able to enjoy many deals, pre-announcements and even free gifts not available to the general (civilian) public (except for first-responders).

Oh, and just so you know, V2 also has a special just-for-women line called VaporCouture.

Smokers in the military… About Face!

Joke is On Jailed Jihadist Trying To Convert To E-Cigs

Posted in: E-Cigs In The News

By: press
On: 10-20-2014
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French Jihadist Nabbed Because Of E-CigsThis one is about a French smoker who converts to Islam, becomes radicalized, buys a gun & goes to Syria (or vice-versa) to fight Jihad.

There he learns jihadis are against smoking. So he buys nicotine gum and keeps on jihadding…

But guess what? It doesn’t work! After only ten days, he decides to go back to France to get an electronic cigarette; terrorists approve vaping over smoking although they must live short lives.

When he tries to get back to jihadding, they won’t let him through; not Germany, Israel, Britain, and a half-dozen other countries. (Why? Because of the e-cigarette? His extensive criminal record? Never stopped him before… Hm, probably the e-cig.)

So, back to France, where they nab him trying to get a fake passport.

He ends up in prison, where he’s not allowed to smoke, on trial, where he’s found guilty of aiding terrorists, and all because he hadn’t converted to vaping.

That’s the lesson. The punchline? He’ll be sentenced to at least seven years.

Somewhere, Osama is laughing…

UK Okays Showing E-Cigs In E-Cig TV Commercials

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By: press
On: 10-17-2014
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UK Allows Ecigs In TV Ecig AdsUK e-cigarette vendors must be in a production frenzy.

In less than three weeks, britons will finally be able to see what e-cig companies are advertising on the telly.

Why is this such a big deal? Because. The Law.

By law, British TV is not allowed to show an electronic cigarette. Not even in late-night electronic cigarette ads.

This caused some very creative and controversial spots to be aired, such as one where the smoker steps out for a puff only to miss his infant grandchild go Gangnam-Style in its diapers, or the his-and-her campaign wherein vapers would have known what the brand meant but only the most salacious-minded plugged-in their vaporous porn.

The country’s Committee of Advertising Practice (CAP) must have been doing their research (unlike many on the public’s payroll), for in the decision they wrote part of the reasoning was “crucially… there are strong arguments for the public health benefits of e-cigarettes.”

Words to hope by…

GreenSmoke’s Green E-Cig Program

Posted in: Green Smoke

By: press
On: 10-13-2014
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Eco-Vaping With GreenSmokeIt isn’t a fad anymore.

For many smokers who decide to switch to vaping, it’s not just about health, smell, or sweating it in the cold for a drag; part of the motivation is ecological.

No more spent butts, smoke-stick residue, petroleum-based fuels to light up, empty packs to toss in the trash (or, at least, recycling bin) – in fact, using electronic cigs not only reduces the “analog” carbon print, it can contain your “digital” as-well – when you’re with the right company…

Many ecig companies use eco-logic to sell their devices, but GreenSmoke Electronic Cigarettes’ recycling program takes it one step further.

If you save up and return (at their expense!) 80 spent cartridges, they give you loyalty points, a free pack of cartridges, and even a 10% discount.

Best of it is you don’t need to be a customer. Any vaper can return any other company’s spent carto as part of the deal.

So apart from going “greener” still, you’d end up going “GreenSmoke”. Gotta admit, it’s clever…

Columbus Day Special – Apollo Electronic Cigarettes

Posted in: Apollo

By: press
On: 10-10-2014
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Apollo E-Cig Columbus Day SpecialIt’s always important to let people who aren’t vaping yet for whatever reason know about specials and e-cig pricing that’s even lower than the usual inexpensive (relative to tobacco) options out there.

And holidays are a good time to pump out the juice, as it were. This time it’s Apollo again, and they’re offering 20% off anything and everything site-wide in honor of Columbus day.

Weirdly, though we searched and clicked to many sites, there have been few and far between deals of the sort.

As a matter of getting tobacco hounds to start digging the vapor, it should almost be a matter of duty for E-Cigarette companies to “celebrate”, no?

If only for the loved ones in your life who still puff the cancer sticks…


Death By E-Cig Story Gets Dangerous

Posted in: E-Cigs In The News

By: press
On: 10-06-2014
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Guns Kill... Not E-CigarettesLeave it to Malaysia to be dropping more mystery in our laps.

Recently, it was announced – nay, proclaimed! – in Malaysian media that an e-cigarette had blown up as it charged in a hired-van driver’s vehicle. Initial reports touted a bleeding hole in the victim’s chest.

Today, it was corrected in similarly-sized headlines: the murderous implement hadn’t in fact been an electronic cigarette but a “ball-point gun” – a rod-like weapon easily hidden, containing a single round, usually at close quarters, often referred to as a “Zip Gun”.

Now the James-Bond flavor of this correction may have been the reason the media jumped on this reparation of the e-cig version of events. In fact, though one likes to think it was journalistic integrity, it probably was.

You have to wonder however if such a reaction would have occurred here, where guns are almost taken for granted and e-cigarette alarmism is at an all-time high, or if the fact it wasn’t a death-by-personal-vaporizer would have relegated it to some small back-page erratum

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