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Now Nicotine Is The Ultimate Gateway Drug

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By: press
On: 09-08-2014
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Junk Science Dredges For Ecig BadnessThe foolishness just never stops, and neither does the barrage of anti-vapor media stories.

It wasn’t enough to claim, against statistical reality, vape-sticks were a gateway to tobacco-sticks…

A new study from Columbia University, which is actually a study of a past study about tobacco cigarettes wherein vapor has been incorporated to create an equivocation pattern without actual epidemiological research or findings (this isn’t a joke) has come to the conclusion nicotine, and thus the electronic cigarette, is a universal gateway drug to – get this – all drugs, the worse the better.

Cocaine, heroine, meth, you name it. Using nicotine will trigger an action/reward response gene which “can” (note the use of this ambiguation – “can” and not “will”) lead to the use of hardcore, illegal substances.

One must view this completely unwarranted conclusion for what it’s worth – as a desperate attempt on the anti-vaping front to keep up a pseudo-scientific face against real scientific findings which don’t support their false grail to crush e-cigarettes and NRT efforts in the bud.

Thing is, will “the people” buy these new assaults?

AHA Has An Electronic Cigarette Change of Heart

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By: press
On: 09-05-2014
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AHA Changes E-Cig PolicyThe American Heart Association just might be the most rational and science-based of the anti-vapor associations out there. So far. Actually, the only one.


This is particularly true  after the fact last week two major world scientific bodies came most vociferously against electronic cigarettes, including bans on use everywhere and anywhere.


It was strangely coincidental, the World Health Organization and the Centers for Disease Control (WHO and CDC) playing the same tune together

And although the heart association came out for e-cigarettes only as a last chance attempt to quit smoking, they didn’t stick to the old anti-ecig AHA stance  used to but rather softened their take…

It’s safe to say, probably based on real research and studies already out in the public domain, the AHA had an “ahah” change of heart…

War on E-Cigarettes Ramps Up

Posted in: E-Cigarette Lies, E-Cigs In The News

By: press
On: 09-01-2014
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CDC and WHO Incite E-Cig Panic

Last week was incredible in the war on vapor, with blood in the water tipping the anti-vapesters into a fever pitch.

Especially the media, based on specious-at-best “reports”…

The frenzy is caused by two things: the World Health Organization calling for an outright ban on personal vaporizers, and the Centers for Disease Control release of an incredibly flawed “refinement” of their report on e-cigs and minors or children.

Once again, the CDC publically states conclusions entirely not indicated by their actual findings, and this time they don’t even have the decency to describe the study’s limitations.

While no study establishes any sort of a “gateway” to tobacco via e-cigarettes (and their flavourings), there are increasingly more studies indicating the opposite is occuring.

They appear to know their politically driven “conclusions” will be the only part of the study to be read. The body of the study may as well have been the lyrics to Supercalifragilisticexpialidocious.

Then there’s the World Health Organization suggesting a ban on any indoor use of e-cigs… with no evidence of vapor being dangerous to anybody else.

Yes, a study found nickel and chromium particulate in exhaled vapes to be higher than in tobacco, however it was at levels below those found in regular everyday air. It wasn’t even endemic to the vapor itself, but suggested to be generated by the device…

So boo on WHO and CDC for trying to instill fear in people….

Labor Day E-Cig Deals

Posted in: Apollo

By: press
On: 08-29-2014
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Labor Day E-Cigarette DealsIt’s weird how some holidays don’t inspire any kinds of vapor deals, while others just pop them out all over the place…

For example, Labor Day (happy laborless celebration!) comes out as the most re-touted in terms of electronic cigarette deals and specials, more even than the 4th of July (from my informal review of E-cig company Facebook pages)!

So right now, of the two big indy e-cigarette companies, you have Apollo E-Cigs offering 30% off everything, site-wide, until Tuesday, the day after Labor Day.

Cool deal!. Then there’s V2 E-Cigarettes, and they’re offering the same deal but only until Monday (though no doubt they will extend it), as well as a sweet 15% off their V2 Pro Series – the exception to their store-wide deal.

So celebrate work by… not working (? !) and profit from these great e-cig deals. We’ll be back to the politics next week (oh my…)


Vape Is Officially A Word In The Oxford Dictionary

Posted in: E-Cigs In The News

By: press
On: 08-25-2014
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Oxford Makes Vape Official WordIt might seem like a small deal, but it’s a good deal nonetheless.

Oxford Dictionaries has officially made “vape” a word in the English language.

As a victory in the nicotine wars, recognizing “vape” is just one more step in a positive direction of “normalizing” (to use a term of the anti-e-cig brigades) the act of inhaling vapor (or “vapour” as the English spell it) from an electronic cigarette (“or similar device“).

Here’s the entry from the Dictionary:

Pronunciation: /veɪp/
Inhale and exhale the vapour produced by an electronic cigarette or similar device

I know, it’s silly, but so exciting! On top of it, the Dictionary adds example sentences after our own hearts (think normalizing again!):

I’d rather people vaped indoors than smoked outside
many smokers have started vaping e-cigarettes to help them cut down
(as noun vaping) there’s concern that young people may take up vaping as a less harmful alternative to smoking

And there are a bunch of other example sentences in the entry, plus definition of the noun as a derivative, which doesn’t take an anglophile to find tremendous!

WhiteCloud ClearDraw E-Liquid Flavors

Posted in: White Cloud

By: press
On: 08-22-2014
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New WhiteCloud E-LiquidsFor vapers who worry about where their e-liquid comes from, WhiteCloud Electronic Cigarettes can assure you all of theirs are produced and packaged in the USA and made to standards.

That goes double for the latest in their ClearDraw2 series of cartridges, “Bora Bora”, which is at the “exotic” end of the range of their 20 other flavors of vapor, starting with good ol’ Regular Tobacco taste.

What’s neat though is their ClearDraw2 cartridges, which aren’t packed with filler and have a window in the side so you can not only see the liquid swishing around but how much you have left.

This and the fact that they pushed the coil to the center of the cartridge reduces any chance of overheating, getting a burnt taste and even the “hot lips” phenomenom.

Truly, they have juiced up the e-cig cartridge… (heh).

Vitaminized Vapor In Electronic Cigarettes

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By: press
On: 08-18-2014
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Vitaminized Vapor?Could electronic cigarettes be, on top of safer than tobacco, a better way to take vitamins?

Could one combine nicotine intake with supplemental nutrients?

Although the logic is sound, much of the vitamin industry is based on scare-mongering, much like the anti-vapor crowd, who seem to be against e-cigs whether they have nicotine or not.

So could actual, healthy vapor be a good thing?

Well, some people do need to take supplements, but not so many unless their diet or medical condition requires it. Otherwise, just eat well… no?

The anti-vapists always kvetch about what “could” be in ecigarettes (but isn’t) as though it isn’t all inhaled from the atmosphere anyhow…

But what could aerosolized calcium do to the lungs? And who knows about other vitamins and nutrients…?

The other thing to consider is what about non-smokers & non-vapers, getting their vita-boost via vapor… wouldn’t that be a gateway…?

We just don’t know do we?

JetBlue Fire Blamed On E-Cigarette Without Proof

Posted in: E-Cigs In The News

By: press
On: 08-15-2014
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Boston Airport Blames E-Cig For FireSeems whenever there’s a rise in positive news and recommendations for electronic cigarettes (doctors signing joint letters to government against bans, communities voting against tobacco-style prohibitions, editorials, etc.), new “threats” suddenly emerge for e-cigs.

So now it’s batteries catching fire in airplane luggage compartments.

Recently, a baggage handler noticed smoke coming from a suitcase in the hold of a flight embarking from Boston’s Logan.

It was promptly put out and though presumeably an investigation is not yet complete, the Massachussetts Port Authority has automatically blamed an e-cigarette battery.

However, expert investigators of the Department of Fire Services have declared a cause can’t be established yet.

Media reports have consistently stated a personal vaporizer battery was the cause, or alternately “seemed” the cause. But without reason, justification or explanation.

There have been rechargeable-lithium battery fires in the past, with things as varied as iPhones and Tesla cars… but has anyone suggested we ban mobile devices from planes or Teslas from the roads?

Now, airport officials are calling for government to classify e-cigs as “hazardous”, while the Department of Transportation is not even going to think about it.

The main reason seems to be the TSA considers electronic cigarettes “personal items”… so there’s only one lesson to be taken here.

Bring your e-cigs and batteries with you or in your carry-on, and for the love of vapor don’t bring mods that look like grenades!

Vapor Vultures Starting To Circle

Posted in: E-Cigarette Lies, Uncategorized

By: press
On: 08-11-2014
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Vapor Vultures CirclingIf you haven’t seen them haunting hospital halls or on television, you’ve seen their predatory ads and billboards.

Ambulance chasers.

What they do is also known as barratry, and is illegal in the US.

But being the legally creative creatures they are, they’ve  gotten around restrictions. Hence, ads and billboards…

But now, they’re going after vapers. Really.

Because of all the anti-vapor propaganda, which they either believe is true or hope will be, they’re pre-emptively launching sites and ad-campaigns soliciting accounts of the ill effects of personal vaporizers.

One of the biggest “nationwide” law firms (nope, won’t give’em free publicity) recently created an “E-Cig Registry” asking people to “report serious health issues they suspect were caused by exposure to E Cigarettes”, and then list a litany of inanity including nicotine poisoning (bad parenting), heart attacks, strokes and even “Burns from E Cigarette explosions” (mix&matching chargers).


What’s actually quite interesting about all this is, particularly with the aforementioned “nationwide” firm, it’s a reiteration of a site launched by the Food & Drug Administration back in January.

The FDA’s “safety reporting portal”, even more detailed in so-called electronic cigarettes incidents, was announced in an email, which got NATO interested.

Not the North Atlantic Treaty Organization – the National Association of Tobacco Outlets. But they had good points, and basically asked: Why is the FDA requesting reports on a matter “the agency has not yet exercised regulatory authority over…?”

Considering the rampant war on vapor and the money the government stands to lose if Big Tobacco defaults on payments, this is a very good question…

Ignorance Works In Favor of E-Cigarettes For Now…

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By: press
On: 08-08-2014
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Nixon and E-Cigs: all about the MoneyAlthough it might seem like good news, it probably won’t be.

The short-sighted and obviously misinformed Missouri governor Jay Nixon actually vetoed a bill which would have prohibited sales of e-cigarettes to minors.

Unfortunately, he claimed the bill wasn’t enough because it exempted electronic cigarettes from being restricted and taxed the same as tobacco sticks.

Then came the kicker: he explained that not treating e-cigarettes the same as regular smokes is “letting tobacco companies off the hook with special loopholes” and is a threat to the people of his state…

So until he can tax personal vaporizers the same as the dark weed, children can buy e-cigs, and vapor is still legal (or not illegal) in Missouri.

Nixon seems to be waiting on either a new bill to overtax smokeless nicotine or the FDA to make up his mind for him…

It’s all about the money…

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