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Columbus Day Special – Apollo Electronic Cigarettes

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On: 10-10-2014
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Apollo E-Cig Columbus Day SpecialIt’s always important to let people who aren’t vaping yet for whatever reason know about specials and e-cig pricing that’s even lower than the usual inexpensive (relative to tobacco) options out there.

And holidays are a good time to pump out the juice, as it were. This time it’s Apollo again, and they’re offering 20% off anything and everything site-wide in honor of Columbus day.

Weirdly, though we searched and clicked to many sites, there have been few and far between deals of the sort.

As a matter of getting tobacco hounds to start digging the vapor, it should almost be a matter of duty for E-Cigarette companies to “celebrate”, no?

If only for the loved ones in your life who still puff the cancer sticks…


Death By E-Cig Story Gets Dangerous

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By: press
On: 10-06-2014
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Guns Kill... Not E-CigarettesLeave it to Malaysia to be dropping more mystery in our laps.

Recently, it was announced – nay, proclaimed! – in Malaysian media that an e-cigarette had blown up as it charged in a hired-van driver’s vehicle. Initial reports touted a bleeding hole in the victim’s chest.

Today, it was corrected in similarly-sized headlines: the murderous implement hadn’t in fact been an electronic cigarette but a “ball-point gun” – a rod-like weapon easily hidden, containing a single round, usually at close quarters, often referred to as a “Zip Gun”.

Now the James-Bond flavor of this correction may have been the reason the media jumped on this reparation of the e-cig version of events. In fact, though one likes to think it was journalistic integrity, it probably was.

You have to wonder however if such a reaction would have occurred here, where guns are almost taken for granted and e-cigarette alarmism is at an all-time high, or if the fact it wasn’t a death-by-personal-vaporizer would have relegated it to some small back-page erratum

New Blu PLUS+ Rechargeables Go Online and Sell Out

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By: press
On: 10-03-2014
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Nu Blu Plus Rechargeables Sellout!Possibly responding to the increased popularity of mods and vapor pens, with their bigger liquid tanks and longer battery life, Blu Cigs recently introduced their Blu PLUS + rechargeables – and promptly sold out.

The deal was only for “reward customers” but apparently they went like hot cakes.

The company will “introduce” the vaping world to their new device at the NACS Trade Show in Las Vegas next week, from Oct 7 to the 10th, and will presumeably be putting them back for online sale as soon as their inventory is replenished.

Considering there were 22,000 attendees at the NACS show in Atlanta last year, they’ll probably have only a few “demo” models available for the show.

But who knows? If you’re a Las Vegan you might just get the meat of the matter before everyone else…

Why Is Big Tobacco Pushing FDA To Ban E-Cigarettes

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By: press
On: 09-29-2014
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Big Tobacco Counts On FDA RejectionThe Food and Drug Administration‘s comment period ended in August, and now many of those are being put out to media.

Some of the most interesting are statements submitted by Reynolds, Altria and other Big Tobacco companies, saying the FDA should prohibit the increasingly popular “open systems” – basically mods and vape pens.

But why? The corporations are buying e-cigarette companies and selling them, starting their own product lines and systems, and putting out big, loud, hundred-word warnings on their electronic cigarette packages or kits…

“Real” vaping companies suspect they’re yowling about creating “level playing fields” to eliminate competition, or that refillables and mods mean anything could be put in tanks and cartridges… (evil drugs, lethal nicotine doses, whatever).

Combined with warning labels for their own e-cigs (like, why don’t they warn about the addictiveness of nicotine on Marlboros?), it seems they’re at once covering their butts and setting up a fear environment for “open” vapor…

But they’re  just making a play, a ploy, counting on the FDA knee-jerking to their recommendations. Who’s going to take “concern” for consumer health from the cancer-causing tobacco industry seriously?!?

Their plan is to have the FDA ignore, overcome, forego excessive regulation, and own the thriving, active economic vector in the market of converting nicotine users from burning leaf to vapor…

You’ll see… we’ll be thanking the Big T in the long run…

Jah Mon E-Cigs Are Just Not Banned In Jamaica

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By: press
On: 09-19-2014
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Jamaica Didn't Ban E-Cigs

False information and misinformation are to the web what a lit match is to gunpowder.

Recently, “news” got out that Jamaica had squarely banned the importation of electronic cigarettes.

Taken so soon after the World Health Organization and Centers for Disease Control’s announcements that personal vaporizers should be banned everywhere (and more than) tobacco is, a wave of indignation washed out of the country where marijuana is essentially decriminalized and cigarettes are allowed.

Now, granted, there was confusion, even in the Jamaican’s tobacco-control legislation, regarding this edict and it’s announcement.

However, cooler heads have come to the fore, and the Health Ministry of the island has finally clarified its stance.

E-cigs can be imported and are not banned. They just need to be registered and have a permit issued before they’re brought in, just like other nicotine products like gums and patches.

So, basically, what the land of the Rastafari is saying is that personal vaporizers are simply nicotine delivery devices and no better or worse than any smoking-cessation products.

Cool, mon…

US Navy Makes Waves With Vaping

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By: press
On: 09-15-2014
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Navy Adds New Vaping DecksDepending where you hail from, a “deck” isn’t always a pack of cigarettes.

Sometimes it’s a place where you smoke’em if you got’em.

Actually, a deck can be many places on a sea-faring vessel, and for this post, it’s a very specific new place on the Navy’s aircraft carrier USS George Washington.

In a story we missed earlier this past summer, it seems the navy has decided to allow vapers to vape’em if they have’em… on their own special vaping deck.

Really! So rather than ban’em, the Navy will accomodate electronic cigarettes with their own special usage area “to escape from the ashes and smoke of traditional smoke pits” and “more easily make a transition to the E-cigarette”, according to an article in the Hanford Sentinel.

While it is segregating vapers from others, it’s not a ban, and helps maintain nicotine-using sailors “mission-ready” and a generally professional and clean work environment.

Now if only we could get a pipe-vaping Popeye on deck…

E-Cig Irony: Blu Versus Blu Lawsuit

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By: press
On: 09-12-2014
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blu_vs_blu_zippo_lawsuitIt just might be the manifest destiny of irony to see the end of an electronic cigarette company that has been, in many ways, “first” in the industry.

Ya see, blu e-cigarettes came around a few years after another company, Zippo, came out with their butane lighter which they’d named BLU.

However similarities don’t end there.

BLU, spelled all-caps, and blu (lower case) both feature a little logo in almost-the-same shade of blue on black background. While blu’s seems to shoot out the “L” looking like a whisp of vapor or a LED-emitted ray, Zippo’s looks like the butane-blue lick of fire BLU emits.

So, since blu has gotten big news with television ads, celebrity support, and a much-ballyhooed acquisition by Lorillard, it seems Zippo suddenly learned of them. Until their decision to sue blu, it would seem blu knew nothing of BLU (we never heard of it either, actually).

Now, although there’s no way blu would have done this intentionally, and there can’t be cross-market confusion since the two products are mutually exclusive, a short-sighted judge just might conflate logos & names as well as “lighter” and “e-cig” and come down against blu…

And probably they should. Blu has been bought and sold a few times now, and should maybe re-brand their product just to avoid this… unfortunate stuff.

Now Nicotine Is The Ultimate Gateway Drug

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By: press
On: 09-08-2014
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Junk Science Dredges For Ecig BadnessThe foolishness just never stops, and neither does the barrage of anti-vapor media stories.

It wasn’t enough to claim, against statistical reality, vape-sticks were a gateway to tobacco-sticks…

A new study from Columbia University, which is actually a study of a past study about tobacco cigarettes wherein vapor has been incorporated to create an equivocation pattern without actual epidemiological research or findings (this isn’t a joke) has come to the conclusion nicotine, and thus the electronic cigarette, is a universal gateway drug to – get this – all drugs, the worse the better.

Cocaine, heroine, meth, you name it. Using nicotine will trigger an action/reward response gene which “can” (note the use of this ambiguation – “can” and not “will”) lead to the use of hardcore, illegal substances.

One must view this completely unwarranted conclusion for what it’s worth – as a desperate attempt on the anti-vaping front to keep up a pseudo-scientific face against real scientific findings which don’t support their false grail to crush e-cigarettes and NRT efforts in the bud.

Thing is, will “the people” buy these new assaults?

AHA Has An Electronic Cigarette Change of Heart

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By: press
On: 09-05-2014
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AHA Changes E-Cig PolicyThe American Heart Association just might be the most rational and science-based of the anti-vapor associations out there. So far. Actually, the only one.


This is particularly true  after the fact last week two major world scientific bodies came most vociferously against electronic cigarettes, including bans on use everywhere and anywhere.


It was strangely coincidental, the World Health Organization and the Centers for Disease Control (WHO and CDC) playing the same tune together

And although the heart association came out for e-cigarettes only as a last chance attempt to quit smoking, they didn’t stick to the old anti-ecig AHA stance  used to but rather softened their take…

It’s safe to say, probably based on real research and studies already out in the public domain, the AHA had an “ahah” change of heart…

War on E-Cigarettes Ramps Up

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By: press
On: 09-01-2014
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CDC and WHO Incite E-Cig Panic

Last week was incredible in the war on vapor, with blood in the water tipping the anti-vapesters into a fever pitch.

Especially the media, based on specious-at-best “reports”…

The frenzy is caused by two things: the World Health Organization calling for an outright ban on personal vaporizers, and the Centers for Disease Control release of an incredibly flawed “refinement” of their report on e-cigs and minors or children.

Once again, the CDC publically states conclusions entirely not indicated by their actual findings, and this time they don’t even have the decency to describe the study’s limitations.

While no study establishes any sort of a “gateway” to tobacco via e-cigarettes (and their flavourings), there are increasingly more studies indicating the opposite is occuring.

They appear to know their politically driven “conclusions” will be the only part of the study to be read. The body of the study may as well have been the lyrics to Supercalifragilisticexpialidocious.

Then there’s the World Health Organization suggesting a ban on any indoor use of e-cigs… with no evidence of vapor being dangerous to anybody else.

Yes, a study found nickel and chromium particulate in exhaled vapes to be higher than in tobacco, however it was at levels below those found in regular everyday air. It wasn’t even endemic to the vapor itself, but suggested to be generated by the device…

So boo on WHO and CDC for trying to instill fear in people….

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