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Altria Will Market Ecigs as Mark Ten

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By: press
On: 06-17-2013
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Mark Ten Ecigs Are ComingSmokers of Mark Ten tobacco cigarettes may soon be switching to electronic cigarettes despite themselves.

Though it’s not clear whether the new electronic version of Mark Tens will replace that brand, Altria company has announced coming out with e-cigarettes as “Mark Ten”.

Not everybody knows traditional tobacco brands like Marlboro and Skoal  are actually owned by this larger diversified umbrella corporation, whose other companies include SABMiller (Miller and Grolsch beers, among others), a wine company and financial services.

But the point isn’t a new feather in Altria’s cap; it’s, after Reynolds American, Lorillard, and British American, and maybe others, Altria is proving Big Tobacco isn’t really at war with e-cigs. They want to own the market, not crush it. Why would they want to make e-cigarettes look bad?

And wouldn’t it be a little too ironic if they were behind the bogus science articles saying e-cigarettes aren’t safe for you?!?

No, this isn’t a war between Big Tobacco and Electronic Cigarettes. That’s called competition.

Maybe it’s really a war between Big Tobacco and Big Pharma…

Making Electronic Cigarettes Weird

Posted in: E-Cigs In The News

By: press
On: 06-05-2013
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E-Cig WeirdnessThe tactics in the ramping war on eletronic cigarettes have taken a new spin.

Mostly these have consisted of a lot of media coverage casting doubt on e-liquid safety, second-hand vaping and other fear-mongering which ultimately leads local and state governments (as well as a few countries!) to ban their use in public or outright.

This latest twist on the anti e-cigarette list is interesting, however.

Make’em Weird.

The UK’s Daily Mail recently reported back from New York’s Vapefest with a focus on some of the most extreme and bizarre people and mods they could find.

Pictured vapers are pierced, tattooed and mohawked, mods are either creepy or cryptic-looking, and the descriptions in the text outlandish.

References to a “subculture”, “tech geeks”, “wizz-bang technology” and vaporizers that look like “robot sex toys” abound, as well as mentions that some aficionados spend thousands of dollars to keep their tech up to date.

However, as we know, most vapers aren’t “radical” as the piece suggests.

Are we?


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