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EonSmoke Makes The Switch To Vaping Easier

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By: press
On: 12-19-2014
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Eonsmoke Economy Ecig Starter KitOne of the biggest hurdles to “going digital” and somewhat confusing aspects of electronic cigarettes is the pricing. Especially if you don’t necessarily want to quit smoking or using nicotine.

After all, when a smoker is out of smokes, getting the next nicotine fix is just the price of a pack away.

All too often, for smokers to become vapers they must spend anywhere from $35 to $100 to get that first starter kit – quite a leap when times are lean. And they must wonder – I thought e-cigarettes were supposed to be cheaper.

Well, they are but it’s the catridges or e-liquid within that brings in the savings.

But while it’s often initially a hit to the pocket-book to convert, this isn’t the case with EonSmoke‘s new “Economy” starter kits, which come with two filled cartridges, rechargeable battery and USB charger cable for only $12.95 – just a bit more than a pack of cancer sticks.

While it’s not a “Christmas Special” per se, this is a perfect holiday stocking stuffer for smokers, or a gift for you and everyone who says you should quit tobacco.

More and more, there is less and less of an excuse…

BullSmoke E-Cigars and Disposable Buckshots

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By: press
On: 11-07-2014
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Bullsmoke's E-Cigar and Disposable BuckshotsOne of our favorite e-cig companies has a new variant on the vape-stick that could be more appropriately called a vape-log.

The BullSmoke Ace-High E-Cigar.

Always a great deal even when not on special, BullSmoke takes the old Marlboro western mythos one step further – their products are named things like their disposable e-cig Buckshot, Ranch Hand and American Ranger – not inappropriately since all is Engineered in the US – so much so that you’d be forgiven when you see “Cartridges” listed you’d think of bullets.

Apparently, their electronic cigar is the equivalent of 15 to 20 real cigars, “or about a dozen poker games with your friends”.

While the disclaimer at the bottom of every page states the product contains nicotine, one wonders if the Ace High is really like a cigar wherein you don’t inhale but just savor the vapor, or if it’s like a nice big fat nicotine e-cig…

Well, get one and you’ll find out if you get a hankering ford a real cancer stick at the next poker game… and keep a Buckshot handy, just in case.

Vape For Free and Get Paid Converts a Smoker

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By: press
On: 11-03-2014
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Participate in Research and Vape FreeA classified ad recently was recruiting regular smokers who were curious about electronic cigarettes, as well as having no intention to quit smoking in the next 3 months.

The ad, placed by Toronto, Ontario’s Center for Addiction and Mental Health (CAMH), was inviting people who use tobacco to participate in a study wherein not only were subjects provided with free electronic cigarettes they were also paid to vape!

Now if you ask me the remuneration may potentially skew research results due to the incentive… but it just might be the right approach to get smoke-inhalers to start on vaping instead…

Now this particular ad is regional so only Toronto people should run-not-walk to participate in this study’s findings (and we know what they will be in the end don’t we?), but its get’s one thinking…

Forget e-cigarette deals and promotions to get that smoker friend or family member to try… incentivize them with cash and free e-cigarettes.

There’s probably studies like this anywhere a university sits, online and print classifieds asking for study subjects. Don’t wait for a holiday or birthday to gift them with e-cigarettes, let a researcher do it for you sooner than later.

According to recent studies, they’ll have a 60% chance of quitting cancer-sticks and switching to vapor.

And for Christmas? Get’em a pair a socks like you do every year…

Halloween Scares Up Good Electronic Cigarette Deals

Posted in: Apollo, Electronic Cigarette Deals

By: press
On: 10-31-2014
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Apollo E-Cigs Halloween DiscountHalloween may not be an actual “holiday”, but it should be, or at least many people think so. And so do Apollo Electronic Cigarettes.

Apollo never misses a beat when it comes to occasions to create vaping deals; whenever there doesn’t seem to be anyone offering anything at a certain occasion, there’s always Apollo.

But, as the recently-redesigned company site and logo are emblematic of, they’re adding stuff all the time and they need to promote.

As they boast, all their e-liquids are made and measured by their own “mixologists”, constantly putting up new flavors, as well as new tank-style designs, classic cig-like vaporizers as well as new disposables (which they’re giving away as trials if you pay shipping)…

So Apollo is offering a tasty treat for Halloween in the form of a 25% discount on everything, as long as you use the code SPOOKY at check-out, from now to Friday, November 7.

No tricks involved.

V2 Offers US Military Personnel Very Special Deals

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By: press
On: 10-24-2014
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V2Cigs Offers Special Military DiscountsIn light of the the Navy having converted sections on its ships to “vaping decks” earlier this year, V2 Electronic Cigarettes has dived in head first to the just-opened market.

The company is offering unique discounts and other specials to any member of the US military, active and veteran, as well as first responders. Among these are 15% discounts on everything, as well as free three-day delivery.

While V2Cigs offers a regular affiliate program for marketers, it also has a “Vape 4 Free” rewards programs for customers and members of their site.

Military personnel need to prove that they are by joining the program, and, thanks to a special partnership with an identity verification system called,  then be able to enjoy many deals, pre-announcements and even free gifts not available to the general (civilian) public (except for first-responders).

Oh, and just so you know, V2 also has a special just-for-women line called VaporCouture.

Smokers in the military… About Face!

Salute Memorial Day Weekend & Vapor Value

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By: press
On: 05-23-2014
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memorial_day_ecig_dealsIt’s that weekend again, where, in commemoration of the fallen troops, flags are raised, prayers said over decorated graves, marching bands are heard and parades seen throughout the land.

And also the inevitable electronic cigarette deals.

While 15% or 20% specials here and there are worth noting, the top three are all 25% off everything, store-wide, until Monday.

The first is South Beach Smoke, whose ultra-real cig-a-like design even features an crystal orange LED tip that flashes when it’s time to switch & charge batteries.

Then, V2 Cigs, whose advanced vaporizers, complemented by “Vapour Couture“, their classy, blingy e-cigarette collection for women, feature e-liquid expiry dates and batch-test numbers to use on the site for quality assurance.

Those have the 25% reduction at checkout.

Finally, with Apollo ECigs, you get the starter kit you (or your smoker friend) need, from beginner’s to advanced, and you only need to use the code “MEMORIAL” when you complete your purchase.

Enjoy Memorial Day, and help save a victim of the nicotine wars!

The E-Ster Ecig Deals Hunt is On

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By: press
On: 04-18-2014
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Easter E-Cig Deal HuntWell not every electronic cigarette company has specials every holiday, but some do more than others.

Easter is traditionally either a pious or children’s celebration, which is probably why not every one deems it appropriate for a sale.

But in our E-ster e-cig deal hunt we managed to ferret out a few companies who tied it all up with colored eggs and spring time.

Apollo e-cigarettes is offering 30% off their Superior, Extreme and Standard EGO kits until Sunday in exchange for the coupon code “EASTER30″.

Premium Vapes makes things a little more interesting and playful by taking 20% off their colored batteries – in the form of an egg-hunt through their catalogue. So when you see an colored egg instead of a battery for that listing, you can order it for 20% off using the code “egghunt20″ at checkout.

And finally there’s Green Smoke‘s 15-20-25 punch, where orders over $100 get 15%, 150$ get 20%, and 200$-plus gets a whopping 25% off with “EASTER2014″ upon completing the order.

Happy Easter all!

WhiteCloud E-Cigarettes Celebrates 5 Years With Mini Fling Deals

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By: press
On: 10-07-2013
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White Cloud Mini Electronic CigarettesWe’ve written about the White Cloud Fling disposables before as the lowest-priced e-cigs on the market, first when they were introduced, then when they actually reduced the price again.

Now, White Cloud Cigarettes celebrates five years in business with a further reduction on disposable Mini-Flings. Basically they’re “trial vapes” for newbies converting from obtrusive smokeables or convenient smoke-anywhere quickies for vapers on the go.

The prices listed for these 50-plus puff minis start at $2.95 for a single, $1.59 per in a five-pack, or ninety-nine cents each when bought in ten-to-hundred packs.

But the deal is only on for the first 500,000 – orders or units isn’t exactly clear, but that’s all the more reason for you to hustle your order in as soon as possible.

St Patrick’s Day Electronic Cigarette Deals

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By: press
On: 03-17-2013
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St. Patricks E-Cig DealsWhether you’re staying in to avoid parade routes throngs and green-beer drinking crowds, or greened yourself up and put on your “Kiss Me I’m Irish” pin, you may find another way to celebrate in a couple of St. Patrick’s Day e-cig deals.

Smokers and vapers should appreciate the the 15% rebate on everything from starter kits to accessories and refills at appropriately-named GreenSmoke Electronic Cigarettes.

But better still is at SouthBeachSmoke.

On top of the site-wide 25% special on starter kits, you can get an even bigger 35% off any order if you get lucky in their pot’o’gold scavenger hunt.

Click around the site before you buy, and when that icon appears, click it to open a coupon that will give you a deal-code.

Find it or not, you’re sure to be a winner with these e-cigarettes!

Super Black Friday Deal on V2 E-Cigarettes

Posted in: Electronic Cigarette Deals

By: press
On: 11-23-2012
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V2 E-Cigs Black Friday 25% SpecialV2Cigs is over-reaching the competition’s Black Friday e-cig specials with a store-wide 25% rebate on… well, everything.

The sale started yesterday and goes on until Cyber-Monday, November 26, and seems to have no exeptions, exemptions or conditions other than to choose your starter kits, batteries, cartomizers and fill your shopping cart, and make it to checkout.

The closest any of the other companies on our radar has come is 20% until tomorrow or for today only – but if you hear of better than V2Cigs’ offer, drop us a comment!

Happy Thanksgiving weekend all!

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