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VaporBeast Electronic Cigarette’s “SwitchBack”

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By: press
On: 01-16-2012
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Vapor Beast's SWITCHBACK CartomizersNo, no, not SwitchBack to traditional analog smokes, but rather a convenient e-cig mod that allows you to carry a double-load of e-liquid in your cartomizer from

And it’s not just bigger. You can actually carry two different flavors and “switchback” in mid-vape from one to the other.

VaporBeast is focused on presenting these nifty little mods and innovations to their electronic cigarette line in order to help it stand out from the pack of e-cigarette competitors.

You could say that digital smokes are all about the cartomizer, and this is where the company focuses. They have dual-core heaters in theirs, for example, which completely minimizes the incidents of burning due to the greater surface area, and also produce a thicker vapor.

The Switchback comes in different colors, but it doesn’t seem to come in their neat clear-bodied model, yet.

Their regular prices are also quite low, and they feature special deals regularly so check out their site!


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