Electronic Cigarettes Can Increase Penis Size?

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On: 10-27-2012
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Can E-Cigarettes Boost Penis Size?A Long Island tobacco smoker who recently switched to electronic cigarettes has noticed that within about four months his penis has actually grown, both in length and girth.

Especially when erect. No, really.

And there’s apparently some scientific basis for his observation and conclusion.

Apparently over 50% of middle-aged men suffer from EDS or Erectile Dysfunction Syndrome, and inhaling tobacco smoke over the course of a life time impacts the flow of blood into the organ, preventing full erectile function.

Ironically, this gentleman is a “graphic designer for a underwear male modelling company” and apparently this has not just improved his bedroom confidence, but his work performance as well…

Now, depending on his penile size prior to taking up e-cigs, this takes us back to a classic debate: does size really matter?

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