New E-Cig Battery Blows Up in Denver

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On: 04-19-2012
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Another False Electornic Cigarette BlowupBrace yourselves for more anti-ecig propaganda from the anti-vaping world, people.

A Denver, CO gentleman is suing a known electronic cigarette company after his battery exploded in his face.

However as it turns out, as in the the faulty Florida exploding e-cig story, ¬†it’s another false alarm.

While not being strictly a mod, the Denver litigant’s Puresmoker¬†Prodigy V3.1 e-cig had been fitted with alkaline batteries not suited for the purpose – which he purchased at Radioshack no less.

He will probably lose. Puresmoker’s instruction manual says to use only recommended lithium-ion batteries which they sell.

People must stop trying to save money by “just” changing batteries or at least getting expert advice about modifying products manufactured and tested as safe.

Unless they literally want to save face…

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