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On: 10-25-2011
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The Safe Cig Halloween Kitten - Can you do better?When it comes to switching over to Electronic Cigarettes, the number of companies out there to choose from can be as dizzying as the number of products each one offers.

Which starter kit to go with? Which flavor or flavors? Do they have menthol? and so on. Sometimes it’s just easier to stick with your brand and tobacco and just drop it.

But hold on. There is one company out there that simplifies the whole process, and could be considered the idea gateway to vaping your way to smokeless smoking satisfaction. does not offer Albanian Pistachio-Nutmeg e-liquid varieties, or present the tobacco user with loud colors, flashy, macho brand names or any of the usual trappings.

What they have is a “safe” electronic cigarette that reproduces the smoking experience as faithfully and accurately as the smoker-turned-vaper could wish, with different strengths that can be selected for their similarity to your favorite smoke brand, or switched-down to for those who want to gradually stop the nicotine habit. also makes it easier for women to want to “go digital”, thanks to their slim, elegant “Micro” e-cigs,  which appropriately come in a full-spectrum of exotic flavors.

And in case you’re wondering about the little critter in the photo above, that mad cuteness was used to introduce The Safe Cig company’s Facebook Halloween Photo competition.

If you send in your Halloween costume photos before Oct. 29th, 9:00 PM Pacific time, you could stand to win a $50 gift certificate for each of the categories (which seem to be “spookiest” and “funniest”) you fit.

Find out where to send at TheSafeCig on Facebook or get all your electronic cigarette news & updates through our own ECigBeat FaceBook page.

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