White Cloud Boasts Boosted 3X Battery

Electronic cigarette maker White Cloud has been known as much for its Cirrus series of batteries as its strong pull, basic but solid line-up of flavors.

But beyond the high quality, they invest their e-cigs with and their unique ChargeBolt smart charger, White Cloud now has yet another feature that makes them among the more desirable electronic cigarettes available to those who want to switch from real to virtual smokes.

Cirrus I, II and III were already known to be long-lasting and constant batteries, but the new Cirrus 3X is better yet.

Boasting a three-time longer charge, the latest White Cloud battery will last over 600 puffs per charge a boon for lazy or forgetful vapers.

This means a kit (with three e-cigarettes, a charger and the USB ChargeBolt) will have you going over 1800 puffs before you run out, and have to plug back in.

Isnt the digital age amazing?

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